The ACVN Circle of Nutrition logo illustrates the iterative process of veterinary nutrition.


To determine the role of nutrition in veterinary patients and groups of animals, a systematic method is employed to ensure that all appropriate facets of nutrition are assessed. There are 3 aspects to be assessed in every case:


  • Animal factors of one or a group (herd, flock, etc.) – this includes the nutritional assessment
  • Feed (diet, ration, food, water, etc.) factors – this includes the diet history and diet assessment
  • Method of providing/delivering nutrition (feed/water) to the animal or a group of animals – this includes the assessment of the feeding methods and environmental factors


This process involves a repeating systematic evaluation of all 3 aspects affecting the nutritional status of a given animal(s) as often or as few times as needed. There is no one best place to start and there is no one best order by which to proceed, but all 3 need be assessed.




SOP for Use of the ACVN Circle of Nutrition Logo (Non-Diplomates):


Requests for utilization of the Circle of Nutrition logo in articles, books, conference proceedings, or any other publication or presentations will be approved if:

  • The logo will be used in its entirety without any changes
  • Permission is requested from the ACVN Secretary ( with the following information:
    • Intended use including publication location, the conference where the proceedings will be published, or the conference where the logo will be presented (with or without publication in the proceedings)
    • Confirmation that the logo will not be changed in any way
  • Appropriate credit is given to the American College of Veterinary Nutrition
    • Statement to include: “The Circle of Nutrition is provided courtesy of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition®”


Once permission is requested from the ACVN Secretary, the Secretary will respond with approval and with a copy of the Circle of Nutrition logo.


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