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Nutrition residency information

Becoming an ACVN diplomate requires residency training under a board certified veterinary nutritionist®. There are several training options available. Traditional or standard nutrition residency training programs are typically 2-3 years in length and focus in small animal, large animal, or a mix of species (comparative). Alternate residencies can also be completed. These programs are more flexible to allow employment outside the residency training, but also take more time to complete. All residencies require a DVM or equivalent degree and completion of one year of general clinical experience (e.g., internship, residency, or practice) or equivalent.

Most standard residency programs select applicants via the Veterinary Internship and Matching Program https://www.virmp.org/ . Some standard and most alternate track programs may select individuals outside the matching program and should be contacted individually if interested. Click below for a list of diplomates currently involved in residency training programs.


More detailed descriptions of residency program requirements can also be found in the ACVN Training Program Information Guide



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  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Global Nutrition Committee

Global Nutrition Guidelines


  • Free online nutrition text: Small Animal Clinical Nutrition